Enchanted in the Moonlight releases for Nintendo Switch on June 13

Japanese developer Voltage announced recently, that romance visual novels Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi, Kyoga, & Samon and Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kiryu, Chikage, & Yukinojo will release for Nintendo Siwitch via the Switch eShop on June 13. The games will support Japanese and English languages, and will be digital only.

Here’s an overview of both games:

- Enchanted in the Moonlight: Miyabi, Kyoga, & Samon

Your average life is turned upside down when dangerous Ayakashi spirits threaten your life. However, you’re saved in the nick of time by a group of handsome men… who also claim to be Ayakashi spirits! Are you ready for an exciting adventure with Miyabi, Koga, and Samon?

- Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kiryu, Chikage, & Yukinojo

The smash-hit otome romance app, Enchanted in the Moonlight, is now on Nintendo Switch! “I’ll protect you, human. But in exchange, you must offer your power to me.” Make a deal with Ayakashi Spirits and prepare for an adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Features the characters Kiryu, Chikage, and Yukinojo!

The game's story:

You’re an average, 25-year-old girl whose life consists of working at the local library, keeping up your family’s shrine, and not much else. However, that all changes when gorgeous men save you from mysterious, malevolent forces! These men aren’t all they appear to be, though. They’re actually Ayakashi Spirits! You discover that your blood is imbued with an ancient power, one that the spirit world covets, and these handsome strangers are willing to protect you… for a price, that is. Are you ready to make a deal with these otherworldly creatures?

Check out a trailer for the Switch version:

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