Azure Reflections Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

After a release on PS4 earlier this year, the bullet hell shooter Azure Reflections is now available On Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe. The game is from Unties Games, a Sony publishing label.

Azure Reflections is an unofficial installment of what is called the Touhou Project, a series recognized by the Guinness World Records as the "most prolific fan-made shooter series.” The Touhou Project has grown in popularity, it has spread to other media including commercial fan books, music, light novels, manga and several fan-made anime in addition to the main series.

The shooter has multiple playable characters, all with unique traits and abilities. Azure Reflections is a more traditional Touhou Project game. That means it is a bullet hell shooter. In addition to the standard mode, there Tutorial and Practice modes. You can also collect accessories to dress up characters.

In celebration of the launch, Azure Reflections is currently discounted (the discount will last until September 12) via both the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store for 30% off its base $24.99 / €24.99.

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